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Hi! My name is Erica, I live in FL and I'm happy to be here! This is my First Post and I have a problem/question....I usually use Merckens Candy coating when making my chocolate, but now am experimenting with real chocolate since I now have the Revolation 2 tempering machine (as of this AM!) IM SOOOOO EXCITED. However heres my question, when I use bittersweet chocolate, it seems that it never sets. Now, I am not tempering it, I'm melting the baking chips down in the microwave in small incriments and then dipping my pretzels, oreos, etc, but b/c this chocolate (bittersweet) literally melts in your hand its not ideal for anything I'm creating. How do you transform bittersweet chocolate so that it will actually set and have the "snap" that is ideal? Will tempering help at all? Thanks in advance! Erica

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Replies to This Discussion  is the email for the customer service rep for the US.  Contact Candice and she can direct you.  I would assume as long as you have a tax number, she can sell to you directly as she does to me.


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