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Hello everyone. Although I've been a member of The Chocolate Life for some years, I believe this is my first post.

I need help. I've started an all-natural sugar-free dessert line and want to add chocolate chunk cookies. I've created a killer proto-type recipe, hand-cutting bars of 85% or 90% chocolate but there's no way our commercial kitchen can mass produce those.

Our distributor says they can get us 70% chunks, but I really want 85% or so. Even 80% would be workable. I've searched all over the net -- thinking there would be tons to choose from -- but apparently this product doesn't exist. Or at least I can't find it. I'm stumped, because with rising diabetes, and the success of the higher cacao bars, you'd think one manufacturer would come up with a chunk made from their own chocolate. I must be missing something. :)

If any one of you knows of something that will work, available wholesale, please let me know!

Thank you in advance,


Good For You Goodies, Inc.

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