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Hi All!

I would love any advice on what tempering machine I should purchase for my business. I currently own a gourmet gift basket store for over 5 years now, and really enjoy working with my vendors with chocolate and creating attractive and tasty treats for my customers. I recently attended a few chocolate courses and am ready to start slowly with a few select pieces. I've read a few of the forums, but am still not sure if Hilliard Little Dipper of Chocovision Delta is the way to go. I am looking to make a few hundred pieces a day to keep up with demand. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a bunch,


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I've had a Revolation Delta machine for about 4 years now and can highly recommend it. If you have any questions on it at all contact Joe Crevino, he can be reached throught he Chocovision website. He's a great source of information on the machines and all things chocolate.

Good Luck,


Thank you Karen for the information :) It is much appreciated!

We have worked with some used Revolation x3210s and an analog little dipper.

As you probably know the Revolation machines have a much higher chocolate capacity. (10 -17 lbs melted in the Revolation machines and only 4-5 lbs in the Little Dipper. If you are doing molded chocolates this may be a very important distinction as a larger capacity will help you fill more molds while maintaining temper.

There are two downsides I've found with the revolation machines. 1.  They heat up my dipping room and 2. it takes awhile to melt all that chocolate. I've read in some reviews that the baffle on the revolation machines may become brittle if the chocolate is left in overnight. I cannot speak to this as we drain those machines after each use.

The little dipper is built like a tank.

I don't know enough about your projects to recommend one machine over the other, but I hope this helps.

Great piece of information..

One more thought that I failed to mention.

If you'll be dipping apples I'd definitely go with the larger Revolation machines. We haven't tried dipping apples in the Little Dipper, but I'm sure it would be a big challenge.

Thanks Larry! I think to start, I will be purchasing a Rev X3210 and then in a year or two adding in the Hilliard Jumbo Hand Dipper with 6inch Enrobber. Right now, my store front (gourmet & specialty gift basket store) has over 500 different chocolates & candies that I purchase through about 20 different confectionery's nation wide. But to save on cost and overhead, I started dabbling in it and really found a love for it! Basically, I am thinking of hand dipping pretzels, strawberries, cherries, apples, s'mores, oreos, etc... creating nonpareils, truffles etc... Basically everything! But starting slow and working to that level. I will still be keeping a few of my confectionery vendors, but adding in us as well!  Again, thank you for taking the time to write such a thorough and thoughtful response! It was much appreciated!! :)

Hello Maggie! In my opinion you should buy Hilliard Little Dipper chocolate tempering machine because you produced hundred pieces in a day . Best of luck

chocolate churros

Thanks everyone for all the input! :) I think to start, I will be purchasing the Chocovision Revolation x3210. It took a few weeks of pondering, but then I went to the RCI show this week and chatted with Joe Sofia from Cargill, who teaches the Chocolatier courses in Lititz, Pa and finalized my decision!

Again, THANK YOU :) Have a sweet week ;)


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