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I have an excellent 80 lb capacity Hilliards hand coater , it comes complete with tempering unit, enrobing belt and cover. Located in Aurora Colorado
3500 dollars OBO will ship at your expense

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Would you be willing to part with just the hand coater, not the tempering unit?  Very interested. 

Would you send pics to:

80 lb per day Hilliards excellent condition

Do you have the larger coater?
yes i also have a 240 lb coater with 6 inch belt, it is my favorite workhorse, does everything well, I may sell this but it is part of my working collection and i would prefer to sell it along with the other crucial items i need to make candies, without this i am at a disadvantage so i want to sell everything at once.

If you would be willing to sell the hand coater to Mindy Fong I would be more than willing to purchase the tempering unit. Quote me a price.

I may be interested in the 80 lb hand coater. It is still available as a unit?

The hilliards 80lb hand coater is up on ebay right now , if no one offers me the high bid i desire will relistit but you are welcome to bid on ebay or make me a firm cash offer and send the money before the auction ends, better to just bid on ebay I think, these are hard to find ..
regards selling only a part of the unit, i am not willing to do so. It comes as a complete unit and is valued that way, i have no idea what to charge for portions of the complete unit

you can simply call Hillards, tell them the year of your model and bingo, you have your answer.  Since it took you this long to get a response from you, I figured you wouldn't.  A timely response would have been more professional.  

Dennis has this Hilliard's System been sold yet? I just finished reviewing EBay and was unable to locate the posting. I'm too interested in purchasing a Hilliard's Hand Coating machine and had recently contacted their sales team for a price quote. If I could find a used system it would be a significant savings.

The 80 lb.hand coater has been sold  but I may have a revolation 3210 for sale and i also have a 6 inch hand coater 240 lb capacity that may go up for sale, I am waiting on a party that wishes to buty everything left of my artisan facility at once. Can you say what Hillairds quoted for a new machine, i am  sure we all would be interested



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