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So we have a hilliards little dipper that we do our white chocolate in. Over the past month it has given us a more than generous amount of toasted chocolate thanks to the lights not responding to the temperature...The fan works when it should but the lights NEVER shut off and just over heat the bowl. So- 

Replaced both relay switches in it per the manufacturer. Before we install an entire new board on this thing does anyone have any ideas what it may be?

waiting to make pink lemonade poodles...


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and today I replaced the board...the same thing. Fan comes on, lights stay on.

Anyone have thoughts?

I assume you have called Hilliard? They have always been very helpful to me. Will they let you send it in?

Yes, I have called. Even asked if they had a used one we could swap but they don't. I am going to call again this morning. It's been down for 6 weeks now I think. We will have plenty of toasted white chocolate for the fall now.

The only thing I didn't change was the temp probe, because the fan reacts. When I turn the temp down you can hear it click and the lights should go but they don't...Always something strange with the moody machines.

Thanks Ruth! I will keep you posted.

I don't have any experience with the little dipper, but I do have a bunch of electrical experience.

Do you have a volt meter and a schematic of your unit?

I found an old little dipper manual online, and it had a schematic.  It looks like you have a control board which has a 'double throw' relay on it.  Double throw means that there are two contacts (NO and NC) and they alternate which one is on.  The output of this relay then controls power relays which then control the actual devices (the lamps or the blowers).

You should be able to measure the output of the relay on the control board and see if there are correct signals going to the power relays. 

My guess, given what you have already replaced: there is a short in the socket that holds the relay that controls the lamps, so that a relay which is supposed to be off is getting turned on.  This relay is then powering the lamps. 

Good luck.


THANK you! You know what... someone had moved my paper with the schematic and when I put one of the replays init was wired wrong...A few blow circuits later and several phone calls...

ITS ALL BETTER....oh my gosh...I could have had white chocolate a long time ago if I hadn't lost the paper...but we have it now. 

Thanks to everyone.


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