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I'm new at this. Can anyone tell me where I can get molds to make hollow truffle shells?

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A while back I did a search/survey to see what was out there for that idea and I didn't find one. Large spheres sure, but for a truffle size--nothing. I did find a few places that had pre-fab'd shells but who wants to use someone else's chocolate from origin unknown.

Someone else may have knowledge I missed so YMMV.

Do you want to make your own truffle balls like the ones that are commercially available? If so, Chocolate World of Belgium has recently released a new two part magnetic mould for making them and that mould is available in North America from Tomric Systems. Contact info is 716 854 6050 or (I don't think the mould is on the Tomric website yet).

I know that sells sphere molds, But I'm not sure about hollow ones. You could try contacting them. If nothing else, I'm sure they know who would have it.
Chocolat-chocolat carries them." target="_blank"> Only downside to these is they are a little large for my idea of a truffle.

I have a double I bought at JB Prince that makes a smaller truffle shell, but it ends up with a neck at the top and I haven't quite figured out how to deal that that yet.

Im having the same problem. I used a heated knife once to get rid of them, but it's very time consuming :(


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