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I'm still only molding chocolates for friends, family and the occasional charitable event, but I found that even on a fairly small scale I really needed a shaker to get out those pesky air bubbles.  I looked for a used one, but boy were they expensive.  What I ended up doing was making my own out of an inexpensive Eberbach Lab Shaker.  Sounds strange, huh?  

Here's what I did.  I purchased a shaker at a state auction where they were selling off old lab equipment (I've seen these for sale on ebay as well).  I gave it a good scrubbing, removed the old tray that was designed for other uses, and then attached a half sheet pan to the shaker base.  This was accomplished by setting the original tray on top of my half sheet pan, marking the openings and then pre-drilling the holes.  I used the screws from removing the old tray to attach the half sheet pan.  I then put another half sheet pan on top of this one so that it's easy to remove for scraping out chocolate.

I'm thrilled with the results.  The table fits 2 molds at a time (I could of went with a bigger tray if I wanted) and I no longer have air bubbles.  Please keep in mind that this lab shaker isn't vibrating, it has a reciprocating motion.

See the attached photos.

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