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I am having success panning small batches with laboratory rotating pans and a medium size melter/temperer (200lbs).

What hoses are recommended? I self build my set up but want more precise flow and better control.

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I believe Savage does a dripper for their temperers.
you probably know but there is no need to temper chocolate when used for panning.
depending on your setup you might be interested in the Selmi products (
Aren't those Selmi pans fabulous? So great to have the heating and cooling unit all in one. And the chocolate applicator is nice and simple.
Are you talking about the $16,000 selmi? I've been shopping around for a table top type panning machine or at least something much less expensive than what selmi has. Does anyone have suggestions?
Mindy, There is a unit on e-bay right now that would would be perfect for a table top.
The Selmi Pan system is cool. The Selmi pans system is what I wanted. But I could not find a dealer in the States. So I've put together a rig similar to Selmi. I need a better option than reinforced PVC pipe. Necessity is the mother of invention.
Paul, Obviously too late for this situation - Tomric is the dealer for Selmi in the US and they have the panner. You could probably just buy the application system from them however.


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