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Hi. I am new here and by no means a chocolate maker. I am a chocolate melter.

By trade I am a nurse, but dabble in making various treats, soap, shampoo and the like. I am always wanting to learn something new.

I was hoping for a touch of sage advice on a project I wanted to try this winter. I would like to make hot chocolate on a stick and have the basic technique for assembling, but am having trouble figuring out which chocolate would be best to create the base out of. It has to melt readily and smoothly in warmed milk so that it turns into a creamy hot cocoa. The cheapo chocolate I had that I created my mock-ups out of is abominable. It doesn't melt into the milk, but rather looks like flecks of chocolate floating in the milk.

I'd like to make this into a "drop it in and stir it" type of treat. On a sort of related note, I'd like to dip my homemade marshmallows in a tad of chocolate and haven't found a decent type to make a smooth, shiney, not to brittle coating. Anybody with ideas? Thank you in advance!

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Try Bakers C and C. I get all my chocolate from them; they have a huge selection with lots of descriptions to learn from!! Enjoy the holidays!
I tried making some today, and they turned out great! I put them in shot glasses, and they became adorable bell like shapes.After I made a batch, I thought they turned out so great that I wanted
to make more. But I had no more 70 % coca chocolate, so I tried making
a batch with Toblerone. I dont think that went too well, but we’ll see.
Thank you so much for this!


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