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I plan to buy a Copper  hot pan with gas burners at the bottom. The one I already have is Selmi Comfit. It is very efficient in soft panning, chocolate panning and sugar panning as well. Now I want to add hot panned nuts to my product line. My plan is to buy a pan which can produce 30-40 lbs in a batch.

Anyone have the idea who manufactures this kind of  Copper hot pans with gas burners at the bottom?


Raji from India.

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I don't entirely understand what you are looking for. A hot pan for nuts to cover with chocolate? Roast? Caramelize (that is, make praliné)?

Panning is the process of covering a center with chocolate or sugar, or some other coating.

Here's a site for a US company that sells machines for cooking nuts in sugar. Here's the web site of the company that makes them (they're in Munich, Germany).

Here's a site for a German company that makes machines for roasting nuts and cooking them in sugar.


If you go through the website of Warrell Corporation, I am sure you will understand what I am looking for. (

I was there for PMCA  chocolate panning class. For Hot panning you need Copper pan with burners below the pan to caramalise the sugar. Those you mentioned are definitely the ones I am looking for.  But it seems they can`t produce big batches. I need  Pan with 15-20 kgs (i.e around 30-40lbs) capacity.  Any insight?  Thank you so much.

Raji from India.



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