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Hotel Chocolat, the UK-based chocolate company (with a US presence in Boston) is floating 5 million pound bond issue repayable in chocolate. Rather than standard cash coupons that bonds usually pay, chocolate lovers will be paid out in their favourite indulgence: monthly Tasting Club chocolate boxes.

For an initial layout of 2,000 or 4,000 pounds, the prospective "bondholders" can expect an annual yield of 6.72 percent or 7.29 percent respectively on the three-year bonds based on the value of the boxes of confectionery.

The proceeds of the sales will be used to expand the company's factory in Cambridgeshire, helping to create up to 250 new jobs, as well as adding to its retail store portfolio, with the further creation of up to 150 jobs. 

The company also plans to expand further overseas and to create an eco chocolate factory at its cocoa plantation in St Lucia.

More information is here in this article at

What do you think of the idea? If you had the money and were already a fan of the brand would you consider this to be a good investment opportunity?

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Beats every other investment I own. It was unclear from the site if they would ship the "dividends" to the US.


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