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I am getting ready to start working out of a market and one of the requirements is that I need to have on display my list of ingredients - but the market does not have a standard way on how to list the ingredients.

My question is: how detailed can this list be?

For instance, in one of my fruit pieces I have the list as:
- Fruit puree, fruit liqueur, Heavy Cream, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Butter, Corn Syrup, Colored Cocoa Butter.

Can I simplify this a little so the ingredients are not so obvious? Say, can I say "dairy" instead of heavy cream & butter? Can I use another word for "corn syrup" - I don't want to hide it, but is there a more generic word I could use?

Thank you. 

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Couple of additional thoughts:
1) those components that have subcomponents (ie, dark chocolate is made of sugar, mass, lecithin, etc), need to be broken out, either parenthetically or in order of descending prominence.
2) assuming you're in the US, those components that are big 8 allergens also need to have a clear allergen word next to it - ie "heavy cream - MILK' .
3) your colored cocoa butter needs to identify which colors were used (yellow #5)

Be sure your state allows use of alcohol in their candies.

Corn syrup, i'm afraid, will continue to be corn syrup. ADM and Cargill are currently lobbying to have the term 'corn sugar' added to the list of alternatives for it, but that's not likely to happen any time soon i'm afraid.
I'm sorry to say, but you won't be simplifying anything to comply with regulations, but in fact your new ingredents list will likely be 3x as long, needing to specify any sugar or preservatives in the puree, all ingredients from cocoa mass to vanilla in both of the chocolates (listed seperately), water, salt in the butter, corn syrup also needs to specify if it contains high fructose, and the color # used in the colored cocoa butter.
Thank you all for the replies. I believe I was not very clear in my question. The ingredient list is not to be applied to the packaging via label - the size of my business waives me from doing so.
I am going to print a letter size flyer to be displayed on my table. That's all. There are no requirements to list detailed ingredient information, but a general specification.
But Mike already gave me a great link I can use for this upcoming market and for any future labels I may need to create.
Again, thank you all!!
Are you sure about that requirement? You don't need nutrition info, but I thought you always needed ingredients, either on the package or if selling by the piece, have it available.
I think Ruth is correct. Ingredients are required no matter how large your operation (one huge reason is, as Sebastian pointed out, allergen info (if applicable) has to be available for anyone buying your goods), but nutritional info is waived if you sell less than a certain number of units per year.
You are right. Thank you!


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