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I have my chocolate business up and running but am still unhappy with how the bottoms of the chocolates look. Nobody complains because they look great from the top and taste good but I would like them to be thicker on the bottom and not ooze out. I use room temperature fondant centers I make myself and use 87 degree milk chocolate or 86 if I dip in dark. Any suggestions? Attached picture shows the problem.
thanks & am I glad to find this forum!

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Hello and welcome. I don't use fondant but from your pictures the bottoms do look very thin. It can be an issue as it causes oozing, stickiness and may harm shelf life quickly. I know that some people who make their own truffle balls pipe the filling onto coin sized discs-there is a special rubber sheet for this and is quite simple. And then when the filling crystallizes, you just dip in chocolate. This gives a nice base-not thick but not overly thin. If you need a link to the sheet let me know.
Best of success!
Do you use a silipat sheet or something else?
These look like hand rolled truffles which you dip/enrobe. It may be more time consuming but you could dip just te bottom of the fondant/truffle in tempered chcoate and when it sets dip it all again. You will have a double layer on the bottom and a base to sit on. ( A bit like piping onto a disco )
If you can get away from the round truffle shape you could roll the fondant/center to be enrobed into a flat sheet and scrape a layer of chocolate on one side, then cut into pieces and enrobe. This way you will get more of a square/rectangle shape though.
that sounds good, I will give it a try, thanks!
With a round shape, you have all the weight of the piece at one pont, which pushes the chocolate away and to the sides, which already gives you a "foot". You have a few options if you need to keep them round:
- As Clive noted, you can pre bottom, but this will extend the foot.
- If firm enough, you can pan them
- Once dipped in chocolate, roll in cocoa , coconut, chopped nuts, etc and keep rolling until firm enough
- Also once dipped, you can roll on a screen until firm enough, giving a different but nice appearance
I appreciate the way you explained this, it makes perfect sense now. I used to flatten the whole tray of fondant balls with a cookie sheet but somewhere along the way stopped doing that, but now I see I have been shooting myself in the foot.
The fondant is pretty firm, like the consistency of play-dough, so I can form it into this flatter shape and it will maintain it.
Thanks so much!!


your chocolate for dipping look a bit too runny, that's why (in my opinion) it sits very thin on the sides and has a large foot.

try a different viscosity chocolate and if you can post a picture of whole truffle as well.


I just saw your comment on the truffles.

What type of screen are you referring to?



When I took a Barry Callabaut class, the teacher suggested double dipping.  Once in our hands for a thin layer, let set, then the last one dipped. 


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