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Wow, that's incredibly clever.  Edward, you have amazing ideas!

Edward, can you elaborate on how this works? Looks cool though. 

I grabbed a free standing air conditioner unit a year or so ago for doing just this - waiting for hubby to produce the interface for it.  

It's just a kitchen aid  mixer with a panning bowl--they are commonly available.

What I have is a portable air conditioner, made a "mask" for it, and stuck on a length of flexible dryer vent hose.

With this set up, I can direct a steady blast of cool air into the panning bowl.  This greatly cuts down on the time needed to pan items.  I can let this set up run unattended for 5-1o minutes while I do other tasks, run back,  squirt in a shot of couverture, go back to other tasks and repeat.


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