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How is École Chocolat's professional chocolatier programme?

Hello there,
I'm Ritu from India. I've recently become very interested in the art of chocolate making after a local workshop I attended regarding the same. Hence, I decided to do a proper course and gather as much knowledge as I can in the field before thinking about taking it as a career option. Whole doing some research, I came across an online chocolatier program : École Chocolat's professional Chocolatier program, also read some reviews about the course which were pretty convincing. But wanted to be completely sure before registering myself for the same, as it costs quite a lot, so want to make sure that it's worth it. Anybody having any experience or knowledge regarding the institution or the course, kindly share it with me.

Thanks and Regards

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I've taken a total of three courses through Ecole Chocolat (two on-line, one on-site) and overall had a good experience with them. In the on-line courses students are provided with a great deal of information/reading materials and asked to complete assignments based on these materials. Before taking my first course I tried to do quite a bit of research and practice on my own, but I think the additional resources they provided and the more structured format of the course allowed me to progress further and more quickly than I could have on my own.

Hope that helps!


Hey Rebecca,,

Thanks a lot for sharing ur experience. N ya.. I've actually decided to go ahead with it.

We did this course and its was pretty helpful. Most of the learning material is given to you and its up to you to practice as much. Sometimes you get overwhelmed with amount of information that's out there. If you don't have much knowledge of chocolates then this course will be helpful as its nicely organized. But like i said you will need to refer to other material, books, you tube videos, and practice if you want to be come a start a business. We finished this course few months ago, and now its all about trying new recipes and expereiments.

I'm so happy I read this comments. I've been thinking about taking that on-line course, but couldn't make up my mind if it was going to be worth it for me. thanks for sharing!

oh thats great. even I am thinking of taking this course and after reading this will surely enroll myself. Ritu are you done with this course?


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