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Hello everyone!

I hoping that someone can help me with this issue. I'm having a problem when pouring tempered chocolate into molds/forms. It seems as though the first few trays come out perfectly tempered but the last few do not. Just how much time do I have before the chocolate sets? I rush like crazy to get them poured but I never see anyone else rushing when I watch tutorials. What might I be doing incorrectly?


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This is for Clay and Brad...All I can say is HOLY COW!!! I made the biggest mess I think I've ever made making molded chocolates. I had chocolate everywhere. I poured the dark chocolate into the mold creating a shell and then used my scraper to clean off the mold top. Once set I used my homemade centers, orange fondant and almond fondant. Then I poured the remaining dark chocolate in the molds and once again cleaned the tops of the molds. Sounds easy but I promise you I have more chocolate on my counter and face then in the molds! Something tells me that the chocolate didn't temper correctly this time. I'll post pictures but I still struggle with tempering. One day it's perfect and the next day it's a disaster. I tempered the dark chocolate using these temps. Started with 115 degrees for 15 minutes, lowered temp to 87 degrees (added some remaining chocolate to help temper) for 10 minutes and then back up to 89 degress for 10 minutes. It seemed thick and did not pour to easily. I'm using Guittard Chocolate.

When I read your post Lisa, I had to laugh. I'm a neat freak, and have never been able to keep the area clean while using molds. This is one reason why I only do truffles. The other challenge is that the ACMC's bowl is very small for pouring the chocolate back into.

As far as tempering goes, it sounds like you're getting crystalization using the seeding method. Keep in mind that chocolate will continue to crystalize while you're using it. If you find it getting thick, raise your working temperature a couple of degrees at a time, until such time as it flows like you want it. The working temperature of the chocolate in the ACMC machines we use in our shop is usually around 92-94 degrees once the chocolate is well crystalized (which yours appears to be). It's good to note here too that, our staff are always tweaking the temperature of the working chocolate to ensure a consistent viscosity, as it will vary with how much product is dipped, how much it's being stirred, how cool the room is, etc.

Cheers, and happy mess making!



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