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I think I have too many questions, but will you please help me AGAIN. I need to know how many "balls," whether it is truffles or fudge balls, can reasonable expected from one person to roll and dip in 1 hour? I'm finding that it does not take me any longer to roll a bigger ball than a smaller so I think on average a 30g ball should not really take longer than a 15g ball. Is my argument correct here or not?




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Sorry to be impatient, but does anyone have an answer for me here?
Right now, I can roll about 200+ an hour. That includes coating them twice in a light coat of chocolate. I'm working on speed and have been told that you can do 2-3 in your hand at the same time so, that's next on my agenda to attempt. Let me know how it goes! Good luck!
Thanks, Susan. I needed to know that in order to work out the cost of labour. I am very slow by nature and I know I cannot take my speed as a norm and that is why I needed to know what I can reasonable expect from someone. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer me.

If I may comment too....

15g is pretty big for a truffle, and 30g is HUGE - especially if you dip them in chocolate and roll them in a coating of some type.  Our truffle centers start as 12g, and by the time we've dipped and rolled them, the average size is around 22g.  We've been accused of selling truffles of "gluttonous" proportions, so I can imagine that your 30g center will likely end up like a small baseball....



HaHa! So true, Brad! And Magrietha, the amount I quoted you was without any special decorating like adding contrasting colored stripes, etc. It's just the basic with basic decorations like cocoa powder, sea salt, a sprinkle of nuts, etc.
Hi, thanks everyone. No the truffles will be smaller, it is the other centers that will be thank big. What I am talking about is something we call "Fudge Balls" and they will be either 15g or 30g with a target market as children at school tuck shops, they want something huge and sickening sweet! For them we are also using a cheaper kind of coating and we do not attach our name to it to prevent harming our brand. Our truffles are smaller and I am glad to see that about 12g is right, they will be dipped in Valrhona. Thanks again for all your help. This forum is proving to be a life saver.


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