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When I read that Chloe Doutre-Roussel in The Chocolate Connoisseur wrote that she ate something like a pound of chocolate a day, I didn't believe it and I still don't.  I just wondered how much people usually eat per day, on average.  If there's a forum/discussion about this, I missed it, so please excuse. 


I know that for myself, a 100 gm bar lasts about 2 days.  That's way more than the "per capita" consumption, but in a group like this, it might be far lower.  Just wanted to find out how it is for you all.   If you respond, just be honest.  No one's making any judgements here.  Hell, many of my friends think I'm insane for spending $11 for a 100 gm bar of good stuff.  I usually counter that they'd spend much more on a bottle of wine that wouldn't last as long, but I digress.  If you're on this forum, then I'm assuming good chocolate takes you to your happy place (maybe good wine, too). 


Good stuff should be savored, in my book, so I try to take my time eating it.  Usually I find that after an ounce or so, I'm good for a while, but that may be just me.  Mind you, I'm not inquiring about how much you COULD eat, just how much you do on average.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


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My focus is reviewing fine chocolate bars (see ChocoFiles) and I usually try to taste one 6-8g piece at a time.  Depending on various factors my tastings vary from 1 to maybe 5 per day.  (The less I like a chocolate bar the quicker I eat it to get rid of it, and the more I like it the more slowly I savor it.)  So I guess I eat 7-40 g per day.  I'll average that to 20g per day.

With really fine chocolate that I highly enjoy an 8g piece more than satisfies me for several hours!

Do not worry, I have only been spending money and visiting fine chocolate shops for the last six months. It will be easy to get caught up, just expensive. The one on 4th is Bond Street and I bought a dozen chocolates this morning at FIKA down here near Bowling Green. Martine's on 82nd and York.
On average the Swiss population consumes 11lb per year per person, in Germany the average is 10.8lbs, in the UK it's 10.3, and in the US 5.1lbs. So they say. That's all chocolate bars, not just the good stuff. I think consuming a pound a day would make one seriously high or sick or both. Spitting it out, I wonder why one would have to taste so much? How much chocolate does one have to taste to know what one's eating?

Actually, I went through Chloe's book again, and when she does her TASTINGS she spits out the chocolate.  It's less clear how much she eats when she's just eating for pleasure.  She has some errors in there howver -- saying things like ganache being more fattening than chocolate bars.  Nope.  They both have about the same number of calories.  One may just have more fat from cream, the other has more fat from cocoa butter. 

Good heavens, how much chocolate you eat. I am really amateur....
I eat about 2kg per year (4,4 lbs). Average consumption in Finland is 7kg/year per person (15,4 lbs).

I eat a little more than 1 oz. a day -- it doesn't take much to feel satisfied with really great chocolate. One pound a day would be too much for me to really enjoy. My cacao excess if of a different sort. I've been eating a different kind of chocolate every day, for over five years -- about 120 pounds in all. I estimate that by end of April 2012, I will have eaten my body weight in chocolate. Strange but true. And yummy too.

Thanks to you all the great chocolate makers out there.

Corinne (

Oy.  I just realized that, at about 50 gm per day, I'm eating a little over 18 kg per year.  I'd rather say in eating 50 gm per day.  Sounds nicer.  To be fair, the research on chocolate is reasonable.  I totally burn it off, and if you're eating 70% or higher, it's actually got a reasonable amount of fiber.  I do skip it some days, but I find myself wishing a nice restaurant just offered a few squares of good chocolate rather than all the fancy desserts.  They're nice, but the chocolate would be even more satisfying and have lots fewer calories.  Anyone outdoing me on the consumption end (and willing to go on record?!)

If I think a chocolate bar is worth the expense I'll pay premium prices for it.  I track the bars I've reviewed by calculating the price per 100g to make a standard that I can easily compare.  The most I've paid is $53.57/100g for some small Pierre Marcolini pieces.  The most I've paid for one bar is $22 for the Bonnat "Marfil de Blanco Porcelana".  In my next post I'm going to attach a list of the bars I've tasted, sorted by price per 100g.

Bars I've reviewed, sorted by price per 100 g:


I looked at your ratings.  Ow.  You've been at this a while.  I visited Pierre Marcolini and bought several bars there but I don't remember them being as expensive.  With the prices you list, it's cheaper to fly to Paris to buy them!

These are amazing lists.  I have tried some, quite a few, and appreciate the information. 

I have been Chloe's assistant for almost 6 months now, being able to "supervise" her eating habits. I read her book long before I started my internship with her and I really hoped the person in the book is the real her. I have been pleased to find out that it is all true. 

She has a small figure, a very energetic personality, a lot of tact and loads of care towards friends and anyone who is passionate or trying to help her main love: "chocolate". She eats much more chocolate than a "normal" person does, but only fine chocolate; and yes she does spit when she does not like plus she explains what is wrong with that choco so this makes it really interesting! I like it when she does not like things! 

She also claims she is not a sweet person…although she is always with her box of Manjari at work filling it up every half an hour… and on top she is still slimmer than I am. This is Chloe!

It seems that the key to her fit body shape is that she is super active: she is an early riser, waking up at around 5-6am and going to the pool every day in the morning. Even when she is away during conferences she goes to swim daily. Also, she never mixes food with chocolate, because she likes to have some appetite and clean taste buds when tasting chocolate- she eats 3 meals a day of quite healthy and equilibrated food (and in between there is lots of choco nibbling).

Whether she eats exactly one pound of chocolate every day, I cannot tell you exactly but, I can tell you that it is closer to 300g than 200g with no doubt!

I on the other hand I have around 50g per day...i am still an apprentice! 

Bonne journée a tous!


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