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When I read that Chloe Doutre-Roussel in The Chocolate Connoisseur wrote that she ate something like a pound of chocolate a day, I didn't believe it and I still don't.  I just wondered how much people usually eat per day, on average.  If there's a forum/discussion about this, I missed it, so please excuse. 


I know that for myself, a 100 gm bar lasts about 2 days.  That's way more than the "per capita" consumption, but in a group like this, it might be far lower.  Just wanted to find out how it is for you all.   If you respond, just be honest.  No one's making any judgements here.  Hell, many of my friends think I'm insane for spending $11 for a 100 gm bar of good stuff.  I usually counter that they'd spend much more on a bottle of wine that wouldn't last as long, but I digress.  If you're on this forum, then I'm assuming good chocolate takes you to your happy place (maybe good wine, too). 


Good stuff should be savored, in my book, so I try to take my time eating it.  Usually I find that after an ounce or so, I'm good for a while, but that may be just me.  Mind you, I'm not inquiring about how much you COULD eat, just how much you do on average.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Thank you for this reply, Irina.  It appears that chocolate occupies all the "extra space" in Chloe's diet.  I'm with you -- still very much an apprentice.  I'm off to Prague today -- any suggestions about chocolatiers there?  To be safe, I'm taking some Pralus with me. 

Have a good trip Keith! While in Prague you can go and check Klara`s shop ( in case you ran out of "choco stock"


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