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Hi everyone~

This is a silly but really important question for me

I know how to modify the recipe, but don't know how to create a my own recipe...

Can't find any clues to make a perfect ratio of recipe

Is there anyone can help me how or any books suggest??

Thank you in advance :)

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I find that starting with the ratios in Greweling's book and varying the flavours works very well.  He also discusses ratios at length in the book.

How to create a perfect ratio of a chocolate recipe is a very tightly held secret at the top of the chocolate ladder. And usually reserved for the top MOF Chefs of the French and Belgian, Swiss, German and Italian chocolate academies.

There is a pathway for the eager but serious chocolate student, enroll in courses taught by the 'academies.' Getting to the point of learning about perfecting ratios of ingredients usually takes a pathway of Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced coursework. 

Check out the Callebaut Chocolate Academies worldwide.

Here's a bit of a secret:

There's no perfect recipe.   Since each cacao type is different, and each process is different - they all need to be adjusted to yield the outcome you want.  And since each person has a different idea of what 'perfect' means to their palate, well, that makes it even more challenging.  If you have cocoa from origin x that made 'the perfect' chocolate for you, taking that exact same recipe but substituting cocoa from origin y may result in the most awful chocolate you've ever tasted.

Not the easy answer you were looking for, i know, it's probably frustrating.  But it's the truth i'm afraid.  The pathway to enlightenment lies in the same answer of 'how do you get to carnegie hall?  practice.'  Or find someone who's already practiced and willing to taste your starting material and provide some direction.


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