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I'm trying to start up a chocolate business but don't have a kitchen that I can use for commercial products yet. I am planning to start selling my product at craft shows and local flea markets versus opening a storefront right away.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to find commercial kitchens to rent?

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This is a very basic question, but have you Googled "commercial kitchen" or "kitchen incubator"? That's how I found the one I will start using (hopefully) this year.
I tried commercial kitchen and didn't have much luck. I'll have to try kitchen incubator. Thanks!

Your state dept. of agriculture might also have suggestions.
I found my first kitchen by calling local caterers. Some of them have their own kitchens and will rent out time; others use commercial kitchens themselves, in which case they might be willing to tell you where they rent.
The bizkitchens is a really helpful website! I'll have to try calling the caterers too. Thanks for the tips!!
ask your local food inspector, they should know them all!
That is a great idea Dirke. Thanks for the tip!
What about places like the Masonic Lodge or Veterans places..they cook so they have to be licensed right?
Where are you from I have a wonderful kitchen available
I live a little north of Boston in Ma
Oh... sorry I wish you were here
Hello, I see you are in NY, I am also interested in possibly renting space/time. Would you be able to share more info?


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