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how to join two halves of filled molded chocolates

Hi all. I am working on filled molded chocolates -- made in 2 halves, fillled, then joined together mold to mold -- an example of this would be small filled eggs. does anyone have any experience with this -- perhaps some tips? I'd love to benefit from other peoples' experiences rather than reinventing the wheel. Thanks in advance.

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If you are filling with gianduja - it will hold the two sides together. If with regular filling - fill more than normal - then a thin layer of chocolate which is as warm as possible between the two - slap together immediately.
Thanks for the tip. I tried to just slap together molds with ganache filling and the bond between the halves was a little tenuous -- they looked great though.

I know that giaduja will hold the halves together -- and have a question in that regard;
I heard that Wybaut has a method for filling molds that involves pouring or scraping the filling over the mold and then scraping very well. have you done this at all? Does it work or cause problems.

Many thanks!
Do you mean with gianduja or regular ganache?
Both really but especially regular ganache
Wybauw does scoop and scrape gianduja - but also does his little bang and scrape thing with regular fillings. I suppose you could use that technique to get a nice full mold before adding the thin layer of chocolate for adherence - but I'd worry that the filling touching the edges might interfere with the sides sticking together.
we heat up a little metal disk (or back of a pan) then take the two molds that we are going to join together, let both sit on the heated disk or pan for 1 or 2 seconds until the sides melt a little bit then we slap them together.
That's an interesting idea -- I was thinking of using a hair dryer to do the same sort of thing. So the pan must not be very warm -- about body temp or more than that?


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