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Hello everyone,

I very recently started making my own chocolate, and all because I need it in my gluten and lactose free bakery here in Bizkaia in the North of Spain. Gluten and lactose free is still something quite new over here, although us allergy sufferers have existed for a long time...

Anyhow, I have a question for you all. How do you stop chocolate from melting in the oven. I make my chocolate quite strong on the cocoa side because I like the taste and purity of it, about 70%, but I just can't stop it from melting and my cookies do not look or taste the way I would like them to. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

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Hello, could anyone help?


Basically, you can't.

The formula for chocolate chips is different from the formula for regular chocolate which is why it holds its shape during baking. If you are using a regular chocolate then it has high amounts of cocoa butter and it's going to melt in the oven. Many people who use regular chocolate use rather large chunks or pieces because they find lots of small pieces don't give the right look or texture.

Hello Clay and thank you very much for replying.

OK, I understand. Then, since I am actually trying to learn to make chocolate I should learn to make chocolate chips. Please correct me if I'm wrong, chocolate chips have a much smaller amount of cocoa butter so they are higher in chocolate liquor which helps them hold shape. Does tempering also have to do with them not melting?


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