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Due to Travis the Xocai rep taking his thread and running, some of what I posted about how to search for patents was lost. The reason this was posted was because I went looking for the Xocai (MXI) patent on cold processing and couldn’t find anything. This is strange as patents are by their nature publicly available. So if anyone ever claims to have a patent you should be able to get hold of it. This can be tricky for those who don’t have access to extensive scientific databases. Here are two sites and instructions on how to download any patent you like.

Firstly to check and go to advanced search, there you can search patents via key words and importantly company/institution. If you do pull up a patent you want to read click on original document and it should give you the option to download a pdf of the entire doc.

The other place to check if you have the patent number ie EP1894473 the patent I suspect Xocai refers to in it’s media about cold processing. It is titled ‘Method to increase the antioxidant activity of chocolate’ and is the only one I could find that remotely fits the bill. The patent is owned by Puratos a Belgian chocolate giant that owns Belcolade. This fits the MXI claim that it out sources chocolate production to a large Belgian chocolate manufacturer that holds a patent on cold processing of chocolate to maintain high antioxidant levels.

You can compile the patent directly, for free, using just type the code in to the search engine and it will do the rest.

Temperatures used in this process are far from cold!

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