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IN what all ways can we use couverture chocolate?

I saw these two brands inthe market so would really appreciate ur tips and guidance.

Thanx a ton..

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For these, you just melt them and dip things in them, let them cool and they'll solidify.  Next step: eat  8-) They're not really chocolate, they're coatings that are made to be easy to use.  Originally, Harald's approach was to make low cost coatings that are easy to use to allow (very) small business owners a way to sell confectionery products.  Over the last 10 years, they've grown the home use market, which is what these are.

Thank u so much Sebastian for ur prompt reply. really appreciate it. but iv seen some couverture chocolates of big  brands being used to make as ganache or mousse. can we do that with HArald?



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