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 Huckelberries are a small sweet berry  in the same family as the blueberry. I thought it would be easy to find a huckleberry truffle recipe online but had no luck. If I am able to find a good blueberry truffle recipe, could I possibly interchange the berries? And is frozen or fresh better? I am worried about the water content in the huckleberries and at this time do not have the knowledge to adjust a truffle recipe accordingly. Can I interchange them or does anyone have any hot leads on a huckleberry truffle recipe? The locals here don't even disclose the whereabouts of their huckleberry patches muchless share recipes containing huckleberries. Maybe I will have better luck on this discussion...

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I know it's been a long time since you posted this, and It's about 2:30 am here, so if I see a response later today when I'm fully awake that you're still interested, I'll give you more details.  For now, let me say I've been making a really good raspberry ganache in white chocolate and I do it primarily by making a pureed raspberry reduction, reducing down to 1/4 the original volume of the puree.  I typically start this with frozen raspberries.  The consistency I end up with is something of a sticky paste.  I also, because I'm able to get it, add some freeze dried powdered raspberries to the puree before I reduce and also to the ganache itself.  Let me know if you want recipes.

yes I would most definately be interested! I have since learned how to make a raspberry cream center which I cant wait to try with the huckleberries but I'd love to try your recipes as well.  Thank you!

Cool, so the raspberry reduction, as of yesterday at least, consists of an entire bag of frozen raspberries, which is a little over 3 cups according to the package, dumped directly into a saucepan from frozen.  I let it cook down until it loses that "wet" look, about an hour to an hour and a half.  After that, let it cool enough to throw in the food processor or blender, and finally strain to get most of the seeds out.


The ganache recipe is:

1/2c heavy cream

1T unsalted soft butter

20 oz white chocolate

1/4c of the raspberry reduction

1 oz (by weight) freeze dried raspberries


I tend to go heavy on the chocolate with white chocolate ganaches, cause I like the firmness.


  I've been working long hours lately and have not done much chocolate making lately, or anything else for that matter!  Thank you for the recipe, I look foward to making it and will let you know how it turns out...



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