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I hold tastings in New England for groups Would any of the chocolatiers/producers like to partner up and promote?

I promote the art of tasting, savoring and enjoying GOOD Chocolate (starting at 60% and up) in Boston and New England.  The more upscale and artistic, the better.  If you are interested in having me promote, market and serve your chocolate in tastings with corporate and social groups, let me know how we can partner up and work together.  Thanks!


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I have recently started a fanpage on facebook on Chocolate Tasting. Personally I am moving in this direction for a business plan I have, and am mainly targeting canada, but in exchange for simple tips for my followers, I am more than willing to send links your way! The group is less than a week old and only 30 people now, but growing everyday, and I am testing various marketing tips to promote and get it growing MUCH larger!

Reply to me on here if your interested!

Also check out the fanpage at


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