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Hi i like to start chocolate company from bean to bar can any one guide me are give idea on this.please

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I myself have the same desire. Just try making really small batches at home, gain local intrest and build from that.
When making the chocolate, Green & Black’s believe that every step from bean to bar is equally significant. That is why Green & Black’s make sure to use only the finest organically grown Trinitarian cocoa beans, to bring out the intense flavor that has become their trademark.
Chocolate Tasting is a special art and one to enjoy in the company of others. It's a great way to experience the different aromas, textures and flavors this unique chocolate has to offer.

Check out some of the older posts on this forum and on the Chocolate Alchemy forum. One of the first things you will need to decide is how much chocolate you want to make - and how much money you will have to spend. Until you have answered those questions every answer is conditional. Do you want to make 50kg a week or 5,000kg, for example. Do you have a million dollars or ten thousand? Can you make any equipment yourself?

 Can I suggest that you take some time to read some older posts and then ask very specific questions?


Hi thanks for your mail i am chocolatier doing a business of chocolate i want to make 7 to 10 tones of chocolate per month and i can invest 50 to 70 lacks for that but i dont have any idea about chocolate factore please help me what should i do first


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