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A few weeks ago I was asking about alternatives to the Champion juicer. One of the suggestions that was given was to preheat the bowl/rollers.....

Well in a plan that wasnt quite as well thought out, I left the bowl ontop of a coffee pot warmer for far too long.  It melted the base of the main stalk that is in the middle of the bowl.  Not a big deal I can gently carve the melted plastic away. It still fits onto the melangeur.

But the stalk stem, what ever its called has come out.  Any idea what kind of adhesive its set with?  Could someone take a pic of the bottom of their bowl and show me a pic, so I know just how much I melted?  Im hoping theres a chance its only the adhesive that bubbled out and smells like a$$,  it doesnt smell like a plastic to me, but when its been on the heat for x never know.

On a side note, I was looking at the Santha USA site. It looks like the center stalk is now steel, vs the plastic mine has. Any idea when that change happened? I got mine in may and it was sold as a Model 11 (part #9 drum with base , )

Cheers All!

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Here you are. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the pic.

I guess I need to know at this point,  what kind of adhesive to use for reattaching the stalk to the bowl.  I think Im partial to a latex (think liquid nails type).  Thoughts anyone?

It does seem the stalk is adhered to the bowl/stone top and bottom, and I melted the bottom...we'll see if I can "git'er dun".




Alan -

There is a distributor for Santha in the USA now - they are in California in the SF Bay area. (Even though their site is named SanthaUSA,com you're dealing with the company in India.) They are offering spare parts and technical support over the phone.

The site is called HotDishes and they sell a range of products including the Santhas. Their Customer Service page.

:: Clay

So I reattached the stem to the bowl, its a wee bit of a wobble, but its not like it didnt have one before...

I ended up using a poly-urethane adhesive used in the construction industry, called PL Premium.

I first tried it on a rock and piece of scarp steel.  Be darned if I had to chisel it off.  

Next i let a small blob cure for 14 days... then heated it in some hot water and chewed it..... I wanted to know if it had flavor or off gassing..... 

Seemed not to,,, so I glued the stem/stalk back in, waited 14 days, and gave it a few cleanes with some sugar and a cycle in the oven.

All seems ok.

But now Im trying to figure out the tension with the Link-V belt.... the crappy belt I got from the auto store self destructed before one batch was out. <12hours.  I think it was a) too wide 1/2" vs 3/8", b) too short (33") and it was tight!!!!

Before I put the Santha back together, can some one tell me how much slack should be on the the Link V belt?

At the area between the pulleys, how many inches slack should I see?



No slack.  Link belt should be tight.


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