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I am trying a two piece chocolate bunny mold for the first time and need some
advice on how to put the piece together to minimize the seam.

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how have you been doing it up until now?
We haven't done it before. This is the first time we have used mold where you take the two sides out of the mold and than place them together.
I am not sure which mold you have. I have one that has a front side and a back side of a squirrel, for ex. I make them hollow and demold. What I do is use my hairdryer to heat up an area on my stainless steel table. I place the two halves on the warm area and move them around a bit. Then I "glue" them together by just lining up and holding closed for a short time. Mine come out really well...
This is the only picture I have.

Like Ilana, I do hollow molded bunnies but have the type of mold that clicks together. That being said - it doesn't stay together very well! I use elastics as I can't figure out what clips would work on this mold... Anybody? I mold the bunnies together so I don't have to 'heat and glue'. On the vibrator, I pour the amount of chocolate needed into 1 half of the mold. I put the other side on and add the elastics. I vibrate all sides and then I become the human spinning machine. I 'spin' for 3 minutes then go on the next bunnies. While I'm doing the next bunnies, I have the previous one on my table and I flip it as I work on the one I'm doing.
Here are some photos:

In pic 1 the ears are not filled with chocolate. Does your ,uhmm , vibrator get the chocolate into the ears? I love the human spinning machine-I do that too with a double mold I have. Turn it around up and down, this way and that!!! Oish! Only chocolatiers of our status can really identify with all the odd things we do!! Imagine that in all different countries there are human spinning machines doing their thing!
Oh, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only human spinning machine out there! What I do Ilana is ladle in 100g. of chocolate into the mold without worrying where it goes. Once I have the other piece of the mold in place and the elastics on, I vibrate it on all sides so the chocolate goes everywhere. I do most of my bunnies with decoration in the molds first. My newest - I call him 'Ze-Bunny' (pronounced with that Clouseau accent!) has zebra stripes and I have the hardest time to not get little air bubbles where the 2 chocolates meet. In that instance, I'm more careful when I'm ladling in the chocolate and try to get it more even.


Those are very cute!

I have a bunch of the clips that hold double molds together - but I often find that the rubber bands work just as well and are a whole lot easier to get on.
they are adorable! You have done an excellent job using chocolate's natural colors to decorate-I really like them! Kids must also go crazy for them! The "cow" bunny is my fav!
Thanks for all of the advise everyone. Those bunnies are awesome Lana. Here is a picture of our bunny packaged.


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