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Hi everyone,


I am looking for a source (preferably Florida or in the Southeast for shipping purposes} for mint milk chocolate.  I am located in Puerto Rico and want to make mint chocolate rum balls.  I was experimenting with various recipes to come up with what I felt was a great product and I did.  I used Hershey's mint sticks in the experimental recipe and then the project stopped when the world blew up in 08.


Can someone help me find a source or offer any suggestions?


Thanks in advance for your reply,



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Find a good milk chocolate, and find some peppermint oil - a few drops per kilo should do it.

Thanks.  I will look into this and see what I can find.  As you can tell, I don't know anything about chocolate and knew that I could find help here.



Why not just use natural peppermint oil to flavor your milk chocolate?  That way you don't have to buy a specialty chocolate for just one product.  You could probably find it locally in PR at stores that supply the candymaking industry or hobby.


Edit:  woops missed jo's post stating exactly the same! great minds and all...

Awesome!  Thanks for your reply. 


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