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I thought I knew chocolate and cacao but after visiting your website...

... I have figured out that I don't know much at all. I read and heard their were three varieties namely Criollo, Forastero and Trinatario. Just today have read a paper on new classification that names 10 genetic varieties. I look forward to reading through the forum threads and growing my knowledge of this fascinating bean its history and its apparent nutritional benefits.

The world has a view of chocolate (commercial sweet) which they directly relate to high % cacao chocolate and cacao products. I believe this is wrong and through this forum and research I want to find the truth and teach people this truth.

So please help me find the truth about this fascinating bean

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Okay. First, it isn't a bean, and the cacao seeds don't really come from a pod either:

Criollo and Forastero are the two basic types. Trinatario is a hybrid of the two. Today they have been so cross bred and with the unique contributions from the environment you hear of over a dozen new types, many named by where they are grown. 3 good resources for information are from Minifie, Beckett, and for more on the farm information, Cook. There is also a book with nothing but pictures of beans.


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