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I want to open a gourmet chocolate store in Beijing, China. Would love to hear your suggestions.

Hi, everyone,


My name is Emay, I am here to learn and to share.

I am getting into a gourmet chocolate business, and want to open a store in Beijing China. Why not! We are so lucky to live in the United States and enjoy all kind of fine chocolates. But gourmet chocolates are very new to China, and I want to bring them to China.

There are lots of chocolatiers who making fine chocolates. They all have their best sellers. What I want is to sell premium chocolates from a few brands. For example, I like Recchiuti's dark chocolate covered marshmallow,  truffle champagne from Leonidas, Tea flavored chocolate from Charles chocolate...etc.  But the problems are gourmet chocolates have a very short shelf life, and the inspection and quarantine, custom clearance, permit are complex. You might say why not learn to make chocolate yourself? Well, the business model in my mind is to collect fine chocolates from different makers, yes, you guessed right, something similar to Fog City News.

So here I am for help. Is my idea realistic? what is the best way to work with chocolatiers to get their chocolate to China? Any suggestions & comments?

Very appreciate your time, and thank you in advance.

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