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I am just setting up my shop and trying to figure out if spending an additional $10K on a Selmi tempering machine compared to JKV is worth the price. Does anyone have both or used both and why is the Selmi considered so much better in everything I have read?

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Congratulations on the success, Antonino. Post a website and more about your company in your profile when you get a chance so myself and others here on TCL can learn about what you're doing.


Look forward to hearing reviews of the FBM machine once you're up and running.

Hi Antonino,


Congratulations!! Yes, you are right. Big companies often don't care about small businesses.

Have you talked to people who own one of the FBM tempering machines? What is the feedback?




Hi Antonino, did the machine arrive?


Point taken, Brian. :-) If I had had another $10k when I was buying, I would definitely have considered a machine like the Selmi! But I didn't...

Brian & Jeff,

Have you ever looked into the Gami machines? They seem simular to the Selmi, but a few thousand less, but with very simular features.

I will admit that the ability to remove the auger on the Selmi Plus EX is tempting because I only want one machine at this time and changing chocolate is of concern. <(*_*)>


Have not and don´t know much about them. Also just found this company...Pomati. Don´t know if they have a US distributor....

I am familiar with both the Pomati and Gami - I would recommend the Selmi and not just b/c the US distributor for Selmi is a client.



Apropos of nothing, Renato Selmi's entry into confectionary equipment began in Piedmont in the 1960s with machines for production of hazelnut paste for gianduia.  Similarly, the first piece of confectionary equipment developed by Enrico Carle in 1907 (who went on to co-found Carle & Montanari) was a device to extrude gianduia into gianduiotti.  (Gianduia--not just a footnote in chocolate history.)

I have a Selmi - and I love it! We've had other machines, but there is nothing like the Selmi. It truly does make everything easier. it stays in temper all day. Great for molding and enrobing. Yes... I can't imagine trying to fix it, but the people at Tomric are always there to help you. We did have a problem once, turned out to be "human" error, but Brian/Sean walked us through it over the phone in 15 minutes. OK - it is much prettier than the other machines and I say you get what you pay for. Hope this helps a bit,

~ Pamela

Anyone have experience running a Selmi with inclusions?  We currently use table-top models and swap about bowls between batches with different inclusions and/or chocolate.  The Hilliard machines claim to be quite apt for this task, but I would love to hear thoughts from folks using >50lb tempering units.

If you want to use inclusions, this works with the Selmi EX models with removable screw.  We can add pieces up to 2 mm and can mix and do the moulding of tables, eggs, etc.  We hope to be on the next Philadelphia Candy show to show you this.

regards and thanks for the comments! Tom

Hi Tom,


Thanks for the info regarding inclusions.  Does Selmi not have a solution for larger inclusions such as raisins or large nut pieces? 


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