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I am just setting up my shop and trying to figure out if spending an additional $10K on a Selmi tempering machine compared to JKV is worth the price. Does anyone have both or used both and why is the Selmi considered so much better in everything I have read?

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I fully agree with Samuel's observation about the advantages of the Selmi over the wheel machines as far as continuous production. That being said, however, you can easily add melted chocolate into the tank of a JKV or Prefamac, as long as it's not way too hot or cold, if you need to refill the tank. Let it run a few minutes to mix and your batch will stay crystallized just fine.  Prefamac's 30 kg tank will supply enough to enrobe for many hours in temper-you'd have to be doing a lot of product to have to refill the tank in a day-by a lot of product I mean at least 5,000+ 2.5x 2.5cm pieces (about 50 kgs in total product weigh ie enrobed centers). As far as production speeds, with two of us running the Prefamac we can do 700-1,000 pieces per hour.

Thanks to everyone for puting in their two cents it is very helpful.

Selmi or simular seems to be great for production and ease of controling temper allowing mass production.

Wheel machines seem more affordable, work fine, but need more attention throughout the day.

Both machines do the same thing, but in a different way and it is up to the operator to control the quality of the temper on both. which is fine. 

You have all given me names of companies I will be checking out, unless by the luck of the draw there is a used machine I run into with a price I cannot resist I am leaning toward a Selmi type, we will see.


When I first saw the Selmi many years ago, I didn't like the fact that you couldn't clean it. If something was accidentally dropped into the auger, how would you get it out?

Unless it has been changed, it would still be my concern. Hilliard is made in the USA. Customer service is stellar. Should  a fuse need to be replaced it's simple. As mentioned above, I have had my machines for 18 years. All that needed to be replaced was a fuse. If you can change a light bulb, you can change a fuse.

The 250lb machines are set up for the addition of their conveyor from small to large.

Anyway, that's my two cents.





The newest Selmi's can be purchased with a removable screw option that allow for a complete changeout of chocolate but even the olded models have a drain on the back that allow for a complete emptying of the bowl without the screw having to turn.


And yes Jeff, I do think the Selmi's "rock."  Temper is consistent and constant and are rarely does ambiance change its functionality.  Obviously they are not inexespensive but when looking at the equipment (or any equipment) compare apples to apples and the Selmi is functionally different that a wheel machine.



I agree with Brian. There are apples and apples... 

20 years ago cars had manual windows, now they come all with electric windows. what is the difference? It makes life easier!

I won't buy a Selmi 'cause the price, but we are in the process to order a Fbm/Boscolo Unica.

Can't wait to get to work and have the chocolate already tempered automatically, and not waste an hour to get the "old wheel" comfortable to work... time is money!



Is ther a rep for the FBM machines in the USA?

not sure cause i'm South Africa , but i can give you the direct contact email, Mr. Roveda.

Not sure if i'm allowed to post email addresses here, so just in case i apologize in advance.

Hi Antonio. I am a former South African. Have lived in the USA since 1976. Started my business in 1985 out of my NYC apt. Am self-taught and have a vast knowledge about the industry.

Would love to know more about you and your chocolate business. You can email me directly at

Lekker bly,


Linda G.

Dear Antonino,


I happed to see your message in this forum.  I don't think that you can compare the FBM machines with the Selmi machinery.  The tempering in the FBM machine is done totally different than in the FBM machine, which will result in different result after a while work.  If you make the investment for an automatic tempering machine, please think twice because we speak about a lot of money.  You can send a mail to me on as I am the export manager of Selmi and I hope to be able to change your mind on this and to let you understand that Selmi is very good and reliable with a very good service worldwide.  Thanks, Tom


Hello Tom,


Could you give more details on how the tempering in the FBM machine is done totally different from the Selmi one?

Would be possible to see a Selmi machine in Toronto, Canada?




Hi Antonino,


Did you order the Fbm/Boscolo Unica?

How do you like it?




Hi Omar, 

just to clear to the other followers of this discussion that i have no commercial interest in promoting FBM. I live in South Africa and our was a small business growing to the first Bean to bar 100% organic in very short time...

Why i choose FBM rather then Selmi? simply because they have been in contact with me   since i first asked infos about a 4 kg machine 2 years ago! Selmi never answer one of my many emails!! Now we have finally ordered the first of few 25kg machine... guess what they have lost!!!

The FBM machine will arrive end of sept. and we will receive it (thanks to their suggestion) with a pneumatic pump (rather than electronic): that will help up producing from callets, to bars with a precision to the gram. Can't wait, i will post a review on the machine as soon as i can!  


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