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I am just setting up my shop and trying to figure out if spending an additional $10K on a Selmi tempering machine compared to JKV is worth the price. Does anyone have both or used both and why is the Selmi considered so much better in everything I have read?

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I would also like to know what solutions Selmi has available for larger inclusions.

We are looking and already have a good success with Hazelnuts, but the machine is a prototype and not yet ready for sales.

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Sounds promising.  Thanks Tom!
Thanks for the info.
Just spoke with Savage regarding a metered dispensing pump with a powered valve that can handle larger inclusions, though it will cut them if they are inside the valve when it closes (i.e. when the metered amount has been deposited).  Anyone have experience with these?

Hi David,

I tested one for them a number of years ago. The pump was so slow that I could have filled my molds by hand 10 times over.

I know that they have a bunch of new products though. If you are interested in a metering pump, I am having one made later this year.

It has been a long and arduous task getting good engineers to make it. This pump will be able to take larger inclusions and the cleaning is simple and quick. Most component will have quick disconnects.

If you like I'll put your name on my mailing list.






I know several people who would be interested in a metering pump that could handle larger inclusions ... perhaps there's a way to get it done sooner rather than later? ... Let me know. What kind of diameter are you planning to be able to handle?

:: Clay

Hi Clay:

Since I have spent years with a variety of engineers who were useless, to put it mildly. I am confident that the pump will do the job. I don't mind waiting  few more months to make sure that this time I will have a great piece of machinery. It will also be able to handle larger inclusions like whole almonds.

As soon as I have a working model and have thoroughly tested it, I will let you know.

Hope all is well. When are you coming to Vermont again!




Thanks for the info, Linda.  Please add me to the list.  I'd like to learn more.
I have a Selmi and have used all kinds of tempering and enrobing equipment. I think the basic question you have to answer is what will you be using it for? If you are dipping, the Hillards equipment is adequate and without a high price tag. The bowl type machines however are inefficient for mass molding and wear and tear on your hands. I chose a Selmi because of its compact footprint, and versatility. I do a lot of molding and can mold about 100 molds per hour on Selmi due to the way the vibration table and scraper work.Additionally I can hook up the enrobing attachment in about 20 minutes and be sending all my slabbed ganache or other items to be enrobed down the belt. I can operate the machine by myself although someone loading speeds it along. If I use all the chocolate (my model holds about 50lbs,)  I can load it and be up and running again in 1/2 hr.There is always plenty to do in that 1/2 hr so it is not a problem. Also the 50lbs enrobes a lot of pieces so I rarely use up an entire tank for a run.Since its a continuous temperer, I temper it in the Am and have problem free chocolate all day long whenever I need it. I look at it as the cost of great employee-without calling in sick, needing insurance or other problems. Like all machines there is some maintainence and the occasional hiccup but I'd rather have good equipment than a lot of people.

Hi Melanie, hope you are well. We now have a new machine, the Micron, to make chocopaste, hazelnutpaste, pistachepaste etc etc, we can do wonderful things with this machine.  It's a ball mill refiner.  The video is on our website since a few days. I will be coming to the Philadelphia Candy show in Atlantic City to present all the Selmi machinery at the Tomric booth. Hope to see you there i

Wish I could go to one of those shows but its a  very long way from Hawaii to Philadelphia! I'll check out the website.



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