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I am just setting up my shop and trying to figure out if spending an additional $10K on a Selmi tempering machine compared to JKV is worth the price. Does anyone have both or used both and why is the Selmi considered so much better in everything I have read?

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Wish I could go to Hawaii !!!! :-)

Best regards,



Are ther any shows on the West coast of the USA comming up? It seems everything I have found is in the East. 



If you are interested in seeing the Selmi in action on the west coast please let me know and I can arrange a showing at a location near you that is using the equipment.  Message me on Chocolate Life or by email





This thursday I will go to a demonstration day of the Selmi machines.  When you google Henk Koenen, you'll find them.  They sell all kind of chocolate machinery, and are in Holland.  I will also try to get as much as information as possible.

Hi Davy, so we will meet, I will be there during the 2 days of demonstrations.  Many of the machinery will be shown there.  See you then ! Tom

Ok Tom, I hope I can learn some new things!

See you on thursday..

Thanks a lot Tom for the demo.  I did learn a lot yesterday!  Also my compliments to Henk and Wiet Koenen for the invitation and opportunity to hear their story.  A lot of respect for Jacky Vergote, a man with many years of experience, and a beautifull way of talking about it.

Of what I have seen there, I am realy convinced of buying a Selmi machine.  We just need to think about which one.  The Selmi One has a realy interesting price, but all the extras can't be built on the One, so we don't know currently what we will do in the near future.  As soon as we are a bit further in our plans, I will contact you again.





We have several JKV Machines for sale, used, and similar copies as well. In simple terms, JKV (Prefamac, and similar) are melters with mixing wheels and agitation. The skill of tempering is still needed, only a few tools assist you. The key to tempering is TIME, TEMPERATURE, MOVEMENT. On a JKV you set the temperature, the machine moves the chocolate, and you wait for it to be tempered. However if you are not experienced, the machine does not do it for you. You must seed the machine with wafers or tempered solid chunks in order to cool it and slightly re heat to get final temper (experience and precision)

The Selmi on the other hand has a built in cooling unit, and computerized controller, therefore it does a Batch of chocolate, cools, mixes, and final re-heat automatically. This is more forgiving and takes less skill.

On the other hand if you are doing alot of moulding the JKV delivers chocolate via the spout, and has a built in vibrator, great for doing molded pralines, once you get the hang of tempering yourself. THe Selmi has attachments for this, but pricier.

I have used a whole variety of semi automatic machines over the years, and fully automated continuous machines. One thing I can advise is when it comes to tempering, dont take short cuts. The time you will waste, product you will spoil, and frustration you will have will cost far more over time than the cost of buying a top quality tempering machine in the beginning.



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