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Years ago, I ordered some "natural organic" flavors from Natures Flavors (or one of their doorway websites) and was very disappointed because I found out that the flavors were not true extracts, e.g. blueberry from blueberries, but instead constructed by mixing esters extracted from a variety of plant sources and then formulated to mimic the flavor of actual fruits. The fact that my order arrived weeks late didn't help either.


Recently, another chocolatier alerted me to a source of actual cold-extracted organic (and incredibly concentrated) fruit, herb, and nut extracts that are simply excellent. The website is called Medicine Flower, and the link to the flavorings is:


They also offer wholesale pricing for manufacturers.


I've made truffles with 16 of their flavorings so far, and am stunned by the superb quality and authenticity of their concentrated flavors. My favorites are (in descending order, but all wonderful): blueberry, banana, elderberry, jasmine, guava, strawberry, raspberry, fig, plum, and black currant.


These are a priceless resource for the chocolate chef.


My highest recommendations!

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Hank -

Thanks for this recommendation. Good to know.

I like this entire article and appreciate your work done on this subject. These are really incredible flavors for chocolate but some people like different flavor in chocolate. Like to know more flavor for "churreria chocolateria".

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If you visit the link I gave, you'll see all of their flavors, over 45 flavors in all!

It was interesting using 16 of their flavors in different batches of truffles. My blend of strawberry and guava was a big hit, while I didn't add enough elderberry to my mix of Jasmine and Elderberry the first time and so will try again. It was also amazing that some people loved flavors (e.g. Mango) that I thought were a bit mild.


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