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I wonder why Indian Cacoa is not discussed in Chocolatiers Forums . Is it because it is not exported ?
I am a professional Chocolatier and Cacoa grower as well.
Most of the trees here are Forestero variety.

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I would love to know more about Indian cacao, but I do not think it is widely available, at least in the US. I have coffee in my shop and we use an Indian coffee called "thogarihunkle" and I wondered about an Indian cacao to pair with it.
Hi Rajarajeshwari (anything for short?). Let's start talking about it!! I am so excited to see this, because I was in Tamil Nadu in April, and learned of a friend of a friend who was growing cacao in Kerala. I went to Goa but was unable to explore further. Where is your business (as a chocolatier) and where is your cacao grown? Do you do small scale processing on your own or sell your beans? Do you have any pictures to post? Tell us more!
Rajarajeshwari, are you interested in exporting some of your cocoa beans to the USA?
How much cocoa do you grow? Is it just enough for your use? Would you be able and interested in expanding your cocoa growing orperation if you had an increase demand for your product?
I have a commercial building that is registered with the US FDA as a storage facility for imported food products.
We would have to agree upon an amout of product for an initial order and register that shipment prior to it being shipped. I can send a wire transfer to pay for the shipment with the proper bank routing.
I would be willing to order a sample shipment of your cocoa beans and share this opportunity with other 'Chocolate Life' members, especially Sarah Hart & Madame Cocoa.
How do you grow your beans? Are they organic? How do you ferment them?
As Madame Cocoa asks, 'Do you have any pictures to post?'
Bette, I grow Cacoa commercially. I am not a keen Organic grower. If you wish I can send you a couple of Kgs of Cocoa beans by Courier. If you are really interested in Indian Cocoa I can export as much volume as you need. Right now I don`t have export license. It will take a while to obtain it. Let me know the probable price too.

Rajareshwari, I would be interested in learning more about what you are doing with Cacao in India. You mentioned you are both a Chocolatier and a cacao grower. Where are you growing the cacao in India and what processing are you doing with the cacao? BTW, nice pod pictures!
Erin, I am from South India. Most of the Cacoa growers sell wet Cacoa beans to either Cadbury or other chocolate gaints like Amul, CAMPCO, which are cooperatives. A few farmers ferment and sundry their produce and then sell it.

Raji, thank you for your reply. I did not hear back from you in a few days and I forgot to check back after that time due to our recent American Holiday, Thanksgiving. I'm sorry for the delay in my reply.

I hope that you are not personally touched by the recent events in your country: such un-necessary heartache.

I do not know anything about the prices of cocoa beans in India. What do the big chocolate companies usually pay the growers per Kg - of do they buy it by the ton?

In your reply to a separate inquiry from Erin, I realize that I need to ask the form of your cocoa beans. Do you ferment them yourself? I would be interested in beans ready to roast, but I could learn to ferment them myself, if necessary. Perhaps they need to be fermented before leaving your country, because I understand that such a process kills any bacteria they might contain.

When you use the term: 'wet Cocoa beans', I believe that you mean the un-fermented bean, yes?

How far do you take your chocolate product yourself? Do you make chocolate bars or cocoa powder?

I am interested and prepared to import some of your product. I have the FDA registered separate storage facility to receive such a shipment. We would have to agree upon a price and an amount and I would need to check on the form the beans need to be in to enter this county.

If you need an export license on your end, I hope that will not be too costly or troublesome for you. What is the state of your shipment services from your country? Our USPS has flat-rate boxes for international shipments.

I also am still willing to share in the importing of some of your beans with other 'The Chocolate Life' members if there are any takers out there.

I await your reply and I am willing to e-mail you off of this site.

Sorry for the delay. Can you please give me your Email id. Please write me at

HI Raji

I will like to contact you in person, kindly advice your contact details with phone number.

I am from Bangalore, I had also emailed you, hope you have received my mail.

Looking froward to hearing from you. My email is

Hi Rajeshwari, I am Omkar Gogate from Mumbai. I learn that you are a Cacao Grower in India. It is an interesting fact because very few indians know about any cocoa grown at home. Well I am interested to know if Cocoa can be grown in the Coastal region of Konkan, Maharashtra? What are Government requirements for growing cocoa? and availability and legality of aquiring the seeds? I request you to please give me this information.
Hi Omkar,

You don`t need any govt permission or such things to grow Cacoa in this country. What you need is land and materials. Here in my area (west coast , close to port city Mangalore) it is easy to get Cocoa plants. Wet Cacoa seeds germinate easily. If your area is hot and humid , I feel you can grow Cacoa. You may try with agriculture dept nurseries or else Cadbury centers. Hope this information helps.



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