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I'm a chocolate hobbyist who is trying to set up a chocolate work bench away from the proper kitchen in our basement.  I was hoping to find one of those single burner induction cooktops to use to temper chocolate, but they all seem to heat too high. (140 degrees)

Has anyone had any luck working with those things? If so, what model do you suggest? Would it work better as a heat source for the double boiler method?

Thanks for your time!


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An induction burner is not suitable for tempering chocolate. You can use one (in conjunction with a double boiler) as a chocolate melter (though some professional induction burners might go as low as 115-120F), but that's not the same thing as tempering.

If you are space and budget constrained and want an actual tempering machine, a machine from Chocovision or ACMC are the least expensive choices. If you are going to be tempering by hand, there are a number of much less expensive options than an induction burner for melting chocolate and holding it in temper after manually tempering it.

:: Clay


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