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Good day.

I need to print a very small run of inserts. These are the inserts people include in the boxes to tell which bonbon is which flavor.
Do you guys know where I can go to get a small run? Any online printing shop?
Thank you.

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:: Clay
Thank you, Clay.
yes email me and I can help you out. Gina
Hey Gina:

This is an open forum and any answer you have for Andre may work for other members of TheChocolateLife. So it'd be appropriate to share publicly.

:: Clay
Being someone who has printed these for Purdies, you will want to take into consideration the smell of offset printing, digital might be the way to go as it is usually high end ink droplet printing much like your home printer. It is also cheaper and you can do short runs. Google digital printers in your area, if you can't find one let me know and I can probably forard you some. is one that has some really unique stuff that you could create. Quality is pretty good as well. Everyone I know is local to me since I occasionally do design work with them, If you need help with creative or print maybe I can help? Just let me know.
Hi Dirke.
Thank you for the link to and for offering your assistance with design. I may need your help in the future, when I need something more complex.

Thanks again,

Andre is a good resource. I haven't used them for insert printing, but have used them for business cards and postcards. Instead of inserts I usually buy large oval labels, print directly on them what each box contains (I can usually verbally differentiate between my chocolates) and stick them to the inside lids of boxes.

I know, but I have completely forgotten about them. Thanks for refreshing my memory.

We use our Dymo Labeler to do the job. I've made EPS files of all the shapes and then we lay them out on one of the larger printing squares. Self adhease to the top of the box or to the padding has worked well. It's not color but it does allow for a lot of flexibility early on.
Thank you, Andy.
The issue is that my pieces are mostly very colorful and they follow the same shapes. So black and white is really not an option for me.
Thank you, though.

One workable solution for printing keys to put into boxes that I have seen - even by very high-end chocolatiers - is the use of translucent vellum that you can run through a laser printer. You can get translucent vellum made to go through laser printers at many specialty paper stores on-line and off and many sources will cut it to exact size for you. You can print in black and white or color depending on the application. You can print only as you need them or to a production schedule - and you can alter them at will.

Very flexible option.

Once you run the paper through the printer it might not be sanitary any more, so you'll probably have to look into clear food-safe acetate sheets the same size or put the printed key on top of the candy pad. If you opt for the clear acetate and use very translucent vellum you may be able to see slightly through the key to the pieces below.


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