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Hi everyone!

I am new here, but I just wanted to ask those of you with small businesses where to get liability insurance? I did an internet search and so far havent turned up much info on this. Is there an insurance company that specializes in confectionary manufacturing? Thanks so much for any information you can give.

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We just went through this and it took several months to get a simple quote out of a company. You're supposed to go to an insurance consolidator or broker who then shops your requirements around to different companies for the best quote. You could try someone like Pyramid Insurance  or


They'll ask you all kinds of questions about your company like income, employees, equipment, etc. to get you an appropriate quote.


Good luck!

I just used my regular insurance broker.  He shopped it and gave me my options. Actually very reasonable.
Farmer's Insurance was very responsive to my needs and even has a special package just for chocolatiers.

Did anybody go through this process in the state of FL?  Any info is greatly appreciated.  Thanks  

Most larger insurance companies have an in-house commercial broker.  Unless you are actually setting up a manufacturing facility with large automated equipment, don't mislead them with the term "manufacturing".  If your sales are under $1,000,000 gross per year, you're a small chocolatier and need liability insurance.  That's it. It's a low risk business, and shouldn't cost you any more than around $1200 per year for as much as $5,000,000 liability.


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