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I received an e-mail today that caught my eye as a creative way to sell chocolate in this economy - and help people stand out in their job search:

The chocolate bar resume.

Which got me to think - what interesting products might ChocolateLife members be making to attract new business.

Jeff Shepherd over at Lillie Belle farms has been sharing the excitement (and dismay) generated by his VooDoo bunnies (scroll down and click on the photo links).

What's working for you that you don't mid sharing with the rest of us?

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Those Voodoo bunnies are wild! I was in Boston recently and stopped in at LA Burdick. They had bunnies for Easter along with their signature mice. But Lillie Belle farms takes it to a whole new level! :)
Burdick's have cute little bunnies and mice. Even their ghosts are cute (and tasty!) at halloween - not gory. Lillie Belle's are definitely in a different category!
I know.. Burdick's are almost too cute to eat and Lillie Belle's are almost too disgusting to eat. Is there some happy medium? :)
whats working for me are events. I just teamed up with a make-your-own-wine company for a pairing event. It was very successful and people walked away buying both wine and chocolate afterwards in addition to the fee they paid for the tasting.
with easter now long past and mothers day out the door I am appalled that i still am making those gory assed bunnies; but we are....demand is high....

but right now its all about selling the fresh strawberries off of our farm in the retail store. Up at 6am, pick berries, dipped and on the counter by 9am....doesnt get any fresher.


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