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The Chocolates I make are mostly cream centers (fondants) and I hand dip and sign them.  As I have tasted chocolates from some local shops I have noticed how smooth and soft their centers are.  As I have studied them I realized there's no way they could dip something that soft and sticky and keep them a pretty shape.  I was later told about Invertase.  I have never used it but wonder if this could do the trick.  My chocolates have been tasty and creamy, but not to the same extent.  I don't want liquid centers just an extra silky smooth cream.  What are your opinions and instructions on invertase. 

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I have no specific instructions (i.e. on how much invertase to use on a percentage basis), but, yes, this is exactly what invertase is for.  You can adjust how creamy/liquid your centers will be by adjusting the amount of invertase you use.  You centers will be solid and easy to work with and will become more creamy/liquid over a very short period of time once the chocolate has been finished.  This is typically how chocolate covered cherries are made.  Obviously if you sell you chocolates you will need to allow this process to occur so your customers get the product with the texture you intend.

Great!  Thank you for your input! I will play around with it this week!

Invertase comes in several strengths.  You only need a few tenths of a percent.  The invertase will continue to invert the sucrose, increasing solubility, softening the creme.  The inversion continues until the syrup phase gets to 20% moisture.  Cordials become more liquid as you add more water with the fruit.  As sucrose inverts, it takes up water to complete the two new saccharides.  The more you use, the faster it works.  But no matter how much you use, you get the same result.  Reason to use as little as possible is it's expensive.  But watch the temperature you add it as it is a protein and will denature with heat, making it ineffective.  Once you get your technique and timing to completion down you can add it at levels to match when you expect sales, commonly to get a head start on seasonal items.


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