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We all know that chocolate is not healthy for the body, but what about the soul. Chocolate relives many peoples tensions and aches. For some it is their one moment of relaxtion, of complete peace. I was just wondering whether any of you have ever felt this way about chocolate. I know I do with a nice piece of Fudge Cake.

Fudge Cake

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Why would you say that chocolate isn't good for you, healthwise? There are numerous studies suggesting otherwise. Chocolate contains more antioxidants than green tea or red wine, for example. It's really dependant upon the type of chocolate and the amount consumed that can and usually makes chocolate 'bad' for you, Of course, the more cacao in the chocolate, the less sugar and more medicinal benefits you gain, and even more so if you're consuming cocoa.

And you response to having chocolate as a moment of peace, it's by no accident that chocolate can cause blissfulness. It's truly a comfort food becuase chocolate contains a myraid of chemical compounds which effects mood. I'm not an expert by anymeans but chocolate is found to affect serotonin levels and chocolate contain theobromine, which affects the nervous system leading to mental and physical relaxation, etc etc.

Fudge cake doesn't do it for me, but I have had hot chocolate paired with rich chocolate desserts that sent my giddiness through the roof. No doubt, chocolate is mind altering, I've had it happen personally and love it!
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