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I heard a rumor... can anyone substantiate?

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The previous owners of Chocovic (Nederland Group) sold Chocovic to Barry Callebaut in 2009.

BC bought the company (the deal closed December 2009) because they needed the production capacity - and it was (I heard) cheaper to buy the company than to build a new factory from scratch.

Last I checked, Chocovic's recipes were still being produced and sold under the Chocovic brand.

I have seen recent advertising from Callebaut still keeping the distinct Chocovic brand which would support what Clay is saying

Chocovic still has an independent distributor in Sweden (sama as before BC bought the company).

ok so Chocovic is like Scharffen Berger, bought by a big one but still sold under the same label with the same manufacturing process.  Does that usually work?

Callebaut has a lot of experience making these kinds of acquisitions work, and they have a lot more experience in the market segment than Hershey did (and still does not have). So - Callebaut are far more likely to be able to make it work, given the will to do so.


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