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Help!  Because of a stupid misunderstanding (I wont get into the nitty gritty details, but it wasn't my smartest move) my Cocoatown 12SL melanger is now disassembled and I cannot put it back together.  I removed the bottom piece to check the belt, and it has somehow changed size so it will not reattach.  The belt and all pieces are in their places.  We hired a sort of handyman to try and reassemble it, but he says that it is broken.  

I am obviously a beginner; this is my first time using these machines and I am not mechanically minded.  Does anyone have any insights on how I might put this thing back together?  Anyone else have the same difficulties?  I should not have taken it apart in the first place, but I had no idea that by simply taking out a few screws I would ruin the thing forever...

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Unless there is a piece that is actually broken (snapped plastic on the case, etc.), I'd imagine it can be put back together. Can you post some pictures?

Carrie -

Yes, please post photos. And, I agree with Ben - unless a part got broken or lost during disassembly/assembly it should be able to be put back together correctly.

Also, CocoaTown representatives are members of TheChocolateLife and once the photos are posted they should also be able to help.


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