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Hi everyone,

I have the opportunity to purchase a used chocovison delta machine or a used revolation x3210 machine. The delta is $300 more than the x3210 machine. I already know the basic differences, but can anyone out there give me their experience with either machine(especially the delta)? If you have had experience with both, do you think the delta is worth it? I have used a revolation x3210 and liked it, but I was just wondering if you guys think that the delta is truly superior.



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Could you tell us a little more about what you'll be doing? For exampl if you are doing molded chocolates the larger revolation machines are definitely worth it. If you'll be doing apples the again the larger machine will be very helpful.
If you are dipping truffles and other small pieces then the Little Dipper would be fine.
Take a look at this discussion for more insight.

Larry: I think Trula has already decided to go with one of the larger Chocolvisions, so isn't looking for comparisons to other machines. I think she's just looking for comparisons between the Delta and the x3210. 

Trula: I've only used the x3210, because I decided that (for me and my process) the extra features of the Delta wouldn't be worth it. Since I'm bean-to-bar and only need to temper a few different types of chocolate, I didn't need the extended temper mode, or the ability to store a bunch of different recipes. If you're making truffles or chocolate-dipped items using various couvetures, those features may be more useful to you.


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