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There is a new chocolate shop in Buffalo that advertises that they are the only "true chocolatier" in town. A few blocks away, there is a fabulous chocolatier (I would consider him a master chocolatier) who has been in business for over 20 years. This bothers me. Is there any such thing as a "true chocolatier"?

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Who gets to decide? It can only be the public. Sounds pretty offensive though and disrespectful. Vote with your wallet.
I thought it was disrespectful, too! Thanks for weighing in. To be honest, I am affiliated with the chocolate shop I am defending, Choco-Logo Confectionery Design. I was just taken aback by the language in all this other shop's marketing materials. If you're ever in know where to go!
How do they back up their "true chocolatier" approach? What do they do that makes them a true one? Are they a bean-to-bar company?

Despite how offensive the language is (and I agree it is), I would like to know why they call themselves true chocolatiers.

The customers will decide that in the end. And if you are sensitive to some marketing approaches, you may even steer away from them anyway.
Thanks for weighing in. I would like to know why they call themselves true chocolatiers, myself. I'm not trying to start a turf war, by any means. I just think it's a strange turn of phrase. Apparently it has no real definition in the chocolate world. It just seems to position them in a relatively small market as something better ( which is up to interpretation). But, for the uninitiated sounds very reputable.
From what I understand, they are not a bean-to-bar company. But even if they were, I don't get the terminology "True Chocolatier". Hence, my query.
I believe my point was that if they have done a local research and found out that no one else was a "bean-to-bar" establishment and they were, then they thought they could call themselves "true chocolatier" - there is a whole other thread on this topic here on The Chocolate Life...

Anyway, time will tell.
They aren't bean to bar anywhere on their website. My thinking is they would trumpet that to be "other". Anyway, this discussion has been really validating and I appreciate all the comments. Visit and see what WE do. The website is almost ready to roll out the new design, so stay tuned. My work email is I welcome professional correspondence.
I always find slurs on the competition (however veiled) off-putting and unprofessional. I'm sure I'm not alone, and the public will soon show their thinking.
Well said!
It sounds like they are trying to differentiate themselves from "traditional" upstate NY chocolate -- we call it "fountain" chocolate in our family -- which seems to be comprised mostly of sugar. It's super sweet goodness which is very popular. Regardless of their intent, it is tacky to say they are "true" and others aren't.

Sugary chocolate is still chocolate and it is a tradition and there's nothing wrong with that. I offered my grams a shot of Madagascar 70% from Patric chocolates and she thought it was comically terrible, she's a Parkside's woman and proud of it!

As a Buffalo transplant from CA Bay Area, there is a huge regional difference in the sugar content & flavorings of the chocolatiers in each locale. I understand the desire to stand out, but its never necessary to diminish others to do it. Everyone thinks their product is superior otherwise they wouldn't be in business. And this is coming from someone who was not initially pleased with the regional differences!
Thanks, SU. Maybe I am taking this too personally? I don't know. Maybe they are positioning themselves as different from Fowler's, Niagara Chocolates and the like. Choco-Logo is certainly not in that category. We have a Madagascar 62% that you should come in and try. 141 Broadway, downtown.
You should call them up and ask them what they mean. No point in guessing though I agree that it's offensive and demonstrably false.

I'm sure your town can support more than one great chocolate shop. No reason you can't at least become "frenemies."
You're absolutely right Dallas Chocolate. We are very cordial. I wish only good things for their shop. They have a very different approach. I just wanted to know if there was such a thing as a "True Chocolatier". It just sounded ever so slightly self-aggrandizing, Y'know what I mean? I did actually call and nicely ask what it meant. No one has called me back with an explanation, and I'm not really expecting anyone to. It's just nice to hear supportive comments for the chocolate community.


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