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Up front: I am not a fan of Xocai and the company that makes and markets it, MXI Corp. I don't believe in promoting chocolate as a panacea for what ails you. I don't believe in MLM businesses, and I am tired of their reps contacting me and trying to clue me in to the next best thing since, well, since chocolate.

So, it did not surprise me when I saw this article published in the Sydney Morning Herald about obstacles MXI reps face in their climb to financial freedom.

What do you think? About the article? About the product; anybody tried it? About the company; any ChocolateLife members an MXI rep?

:: Clay

PS. I met Dr Warren in 2006 (or maybe before then) at a trade show in Las Vegas. I am very aware of who he is, his background, and the claims he makes for chocolate. I have read a lot of his writings as well as the research he references. I am also very aware of the company's products and if I believed in them and thought I could make money selling them I would have jumped at the opportunity over two years ago and been near the very top of the pyramid. But I'm not and I didn't. I don't believe chocolate is supposed to be virtuous. The fact that there are health benefits is a bonus, not a reason. When I eat chocolate I want to eat the best I can find. If I want antioxidants I consume fruits and vegetables or take a vitamin.

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There are a number of misconceptions here.

There is no firm scientific evidence about the temperature 118F - considered by many in the raw foods world to be the max temp to which foods may be subjected during processing. This single temperature suggests that the biochemistry of all foods is the same. It's not that simple - a single temperature is waaaaaay too simplistic.

The single temperature also ignores the very importants variable of contact time and food structure. A nut with an outer shell could be subjected to a very high heat for a very short period of time to kill pathogens on the exterior of the shell without transferring any of that heat to the nut inside. Even foods with very thin shells (e.g., cocoa beans) can be treated this way without raising the temperature of over 99% of the mass of the bean above 118F. Plus, food with a high water content stays relatively cooler (through evaporative cooling) than foods with a low water content.

Also - beware of ORAC. It too is a simplistic measure that taken alone is relatively meaningless. Metabolism is way too complex and individual to make a single ORAC measure generally applicable. Also, there's so much variability in ingredients that it's really necessary to measure every single batch produced to get an accurate score.

However, consumers like simple numbers because they are easy to understand and apply. 118F max temp is easy to understand and adhere to. If the temp were different for every single food it would not be so easy.

8000 ORAC score per serving has to be "better" than 2000, right?

Maybe not. One thing to look at is cost. What' the cost of a serving with 8000 ORAC and is there another way to get the benefit at lower cost. Also, it doesn't matter what's in the food, it matter what metabolites make it into your bloodstream. So - not only might there be a lower-cost means of getting your daily ORAC, there might be a more effective way, too.
That certainly is disappointing.. I've been curious about the Xocai for a time now and am glad I looked no further. Chocolate has enough "health" benefits on its own without it being exploited in this way.
I bought the Xocai chocolate about a month ago. I liked the chocolate. I thought all the chocolates that they let me sample were wonderful, and yes, I signed up for two boxes. This was a 60 day supply, it cost $289.00, AND you have to sign up for their auto ship program as well (which means you agree to buy one case a month and they will use your credit card to bill you). THIS WAS THE LEAST EXPENSIVE OPTION they offered. I liked the product, but the only reason I agreed to it, was because my friends invited me to their home for the Xocai presentation and I didn't want to leave with out spending something.
I do not believe that this company will survive because the consumer has to perceive that they are getting a fair price for the commodity they're consuming. This is Business and Economics 101! No amount of any kind of "chocolate" is worth what I paid. Let's face it, Xocai is selling chocolate - nothing more!
Through out my life I've seen people get wrapped up into different network marketing companies. These companies depend on people being entrenched to their marketing techniques to a religious extreme. They paint a picture in the minds of the people that support them of how much money they can make. They go to meetings which have been described to me as "soul moving". These people must buy into the company with faith that they will impacted greatly, not only in their everyday life, but their pocketbook too. This is the basis of any network marketing system. Xocai is no different. They have a product that is grossly over-priced, but if the "distributor" (your neighbor or friend who most likely just signed up a month ago...) can make you believe that you too can make a huge monthly income at this, of course you're going to love the chocolate! If you really believed that this product could pay your bills and make you healthy - then who wouldn't go for it - Right? 50% of a network marketing system, such as Xocai, has to sell the "you too can make a fortune at this" as well as "their product has amazing benefits", or they wouldn't be able to stay in business.
I Have a BS in Business from Portland State University. Joining a Network Marketing system would NOT be the way I would choose to make a living. I am a sales representative for my company, and would never ever want my target market to be selling products to my family and friends. Xocai's gross profit margin must be incredibly large! I would not be surprised if the chocolate that they sold to me for $289.00 cost them less than $20.00 to make AND ship. It all comes down to basic business strategies, I firmly believe that ripping off the consumer will soon result in negative profits! If I had purchased this product at 1/3 of the cost... I wouldn't have been so steamed to have written all this. I know a "good deal" from a "bad deal" and spending almost three hundred dollars on 3 lbs of chocolate is INSANE. For the record, I have canceled my auto-ship and will never buy Xocai again at the cost they are currently selling it.
This reply is a classic! It should be put in a Hall of Fame, especially the part about why you spent $289. To me, this post, along with the thread, has made the whole Xocai scheme so abundantly clear that it's a rip-off.

Just think of how much truly great chocolate that you could buy for $144/month?
I agree with a point made earlier - If this chocolate is so good, why are they not retailing it in the shops?
I have bought some products before from MLM companies, and some of them are ok - but grossly overpriced for what they are.
Xocai is made with sub-standard cocoa beans not unlike "Fair Trade" chocolate. Two effective methods to market awful beans.

Within the past four years, the shares of three 'small' chocolate companies were bought out by "Big Chocolate". The quality of the bars (and price) was inevitably reduced. They are now sold through mulit-national drug and health food stores. The inferior chocolate of the Mulit-Nationals seems less dreadful.

Haagen Das and Ben and Jerry's made "Big Ice Cream" look bad which meant the Mulit-Nationals had to take them out. The quality of these premium brands was inevitable reduced and now the sub-standard quality of "Big Ice Ceam" is less obvious.

Power, greed, deception, control
OXACI, I don't know how many e-mails I get aday from those Brain Washed people on how there Chocolate is going to heal me of ever ailment,Now to me that is misleading,I got one on Face book from a lady that said her Aunt Was healed from being a diabetic and lost 100 lbs from eating OXACI. Its like they target other Direct sales people to promote there products to. Now they are linking a HTML page to Dove Chocolate Discoveries and you think you are clicking on Dove and Its OXACI. This is Crazy.
I found this interesting article:

If the link doesn't work the article is titled 'Review of XOCAI MXI Corp Healthy Chocolate
Extract from Business Opportunity Watch Rating Reviews
July 2008 Issue 17'


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